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100 Eastvale Pl, Glasgow G3 8QG

Bongo's Bingo takes on Scotland and SWG3! Join us at our infamous bingo show for a unique twist on the traditional past time. Whilst staying true to the original rules, Bongo's immerses you in a wild night of rave intervals, awkward dance offs, big money and ridiculous prizes. A Glasgow night out like you've never experienced before. But don't take our word for it... "Expect a riotous night you won't forget in a hurry" - Evening Standard "Bongo's Bingo, the craze that is quite literally sweeping the nation" - Heat World "I can genuinely say I had an absolutely incredible night" - Pretty 52 Come and see it for yourself by purchasing a ticket to one of our available dates. Be warned, tickets sell out fast.

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Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 03/06/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 11/06/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow (DAYTIME SHOW): 12/06/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow (DAYTIME SHOW): 19/06/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 24/06/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 15/07/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow (DAYTIME SHOW): 17/07/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 22/07/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 29/07/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 05/08/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 12/08/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow (DAYTIME SHOW): 14/08/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow: 19/08/21
Bongo's Bingo Glasgow (DAYTIME SHOW): 21/08/21

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