Party Like a Pro with Bongo’s Bingo: Stag and Hen Planning Tips and Tricks

Beyond the Basics- a guide to elevating your Stag and Hen Parties to the next level with Bongo’s Bingo

Jan. 28, 2024

Weddings. A celebration of love and commitment. Two people coming together in unison, dedicating themselves to one another in front of all their loved ones. 

The beginning of a beautiful journey in the name of true love. 

But f*ck that, half of marriages end up in divorce anyway. We all know the most important part of the lead up to any wedding is the pre getting-hitched p*ss up.

 Here our unqualified advice on organising the ultimate Stag/Hen that will go down in history but those who attended most likely won’t remember.


So you think you can plan? 

Congratulations! You've been bestowed with the prestigious honour of joining the groomsmen/bridal party. Either you hold a special place in someone's heart, or the bar is very low. Either way, embrace it. 

Being tasked with organising the Stag/Hen can be quite the challenge. 

However, it literally means that you’re their funnest friend, and if that is because you’re still single and out 3 times a week, then it is your time to shine. All of your worst hangovers are what prepared you for this. It was all worth it. 




Take it Step by Step


1. Unite the Group

Let’s tackle the first hurdle, dealing with the admin. 

 Brace yourselves, because the group chat is about to become a battlefield. Arm yourself with patience and dive in. Start by pencilling in ideal dates that work for everyone in the party. Give them plenty of notice to make those necessary arrangements. 

2. Establish a Budget

Remember, budgeting does not have to kill the vibe, it just takes a little planning and consideration.

 Here are a few things to keep in mind:

It's important to consider everyone's financial situations. We don't want anyone feeling like they're breaking the bank just to attend. So, let's take into account income levels and other financial obligations to ensure the budget is reasonable and manageable for everyone involved.

Time is money, and overdrafts definitely kill the vibe. Give attendees enough time to save up and prepare financially. 

Keep it Fair: Let's find that sweet spot where the budget works for everyone. We want to strike a balance between affordability and creating a memorable experience. Work together to create a budget that ensures everyone can have a great time without breaking the bank.

3. Location, Location, Location

To ensure you can find the perfect location that meets expectations, let's consider various options. 

 Would your party prefer to travel abroad and explore international destinations? Are you open to the idea of visiting a different city within your country? Alternatively, would staying closer to home be the best option for your party?

By considering these questions, you can narrow down the choices and find a location that aligns with your preferences. 

4.  Accommodation & Transport

Arrange suitable accommodation arrangements and plan for convenient transportation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all participants.

Do you need to book a hotel? Do you need to arrange a minibus? What public transport options are available for your destination?

Using platforms like, Airbnb, Trainline can assist you in finding the best deals. 


It is now the moment to make the most important decision.

 Failing to do so may have long-lasting consequences and leave people disappointed.

Remember you’re meant to be the funnest friend. 

 Fortunately, we have just the thing. Allow me to introduce Bongo's Bingo.



The Perfect Stag and Hen Party Entertainment Option: Bongo's Bingo


Bongo's Bingo offers an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. It combines the excitement of live action with high-energy bingo, featuring dance-offs, rave intervals, incredible prizes, and active audience participation. The music selection spans across various genres, from '80s and '90s classics to guilty pleasures and power ballads, ensuring there's a favourite song for everyone.

One of the key strengths of Bongo's Bingo is its ability to cater to diverse groups of guests with different personalities. It provides a middle ground that guarantees a smile on every attendee's face. Making it a truly inclusive and enjoyable night out for all. 

This is precisely why we see stag and hen parties attending our events year after year.


Everything you need to know:


When do tickets get released? 

We release new dates at the start of every month, two months prior to the event commencing. Be the first to know and get priority access by signing up to our mailing list.

What are the seating arrangements?

Seating is first come first served. We always recommend large groups to arrive as close to doors opening as possible. If your group has any special access needs please contact us at least 7 days prior to the event so we can arrange a table reservation to meet any physical requirements.

Where is Bongo’s Bingo?

With frequent events taking place throughout the UK on a weekly basis, you have the freedom to select a location that perfectly suits your group's needs. Head over to the ‘find events’ page on our website or app to see all our locations! 

Are there any age restrictions?

Our events are strictly 18+ 

What are the food and drink options?

All of our locations offer bar service.  Food options will depend on the venue so please contact your chosen venue and they will be happy to advise on their food and drink options.

Can I make a large group booking?

We have the capacity to accommodate large groups. You can only book 8 tickets at a time but multiple bookings on the same account are absolutely fine!


Book your party now

Are you ready to elevate your experience to the next level?

Simply head over to to secure your tickets.  

We can guarantee the only thing you will regret is the hangover.




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