The Ultimate Staff Party Planning Guide

An event expert’s guide to planning the ultimate staff party!

Oct. 27, 2023

Planning a staff night out is not for the faint of heart. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a night letting loose with your colleagues and waking up the next morning with the  fear wondering what the f*ck you were saying to your boss after that 4th tequila shot. It is an integral part of the festive season. 

There is a lot of rigmarole when it comes to planning a get together for the team. You have to decide the budget, date, logistics, location. Planning can be such a fun sucker, by the time you get to the partying, you are exhausted.

We have spoken with one of the UK’s leading event planning experts, Nick Otaegui, who has decades of experience in making sure people have a f*cking great time. Here is his advice on how to become the ultimate office legend and plan a staff party that will go down in history.


Step one, rally the troops. Form an internal party planning crew and delegate tasks. For example, have someone in charge of finding entertainment then someone else in charge of food and drinks. Make sure everyone is looped in with each other so everyone's plans align. As a team decides your objective for the party, when it comes to a staff night out the objective is likely to be to get everyone together and celebrate your team. You’ll want to pick a theme that is fun, lighthearted and doesn’t feel too corporate.


Have your budget finalised by management before making arrangements. Is the budget an overall budget or is it a cost per guest? This is important for arranging food, drinks & transport.


Remember to fail to plan, you plan to fail. Set yourself a timeline in line with your objectives. Include all the necessary activities that need to be completed before the event. Although plans can change, a timeline will help you visualise your checklist.


Pick a location that is accessible for all of your party. Make sure the venue and location is adequately equipped for your objectives. Can you answer the following: parking options, available public transport near the venue, will the company be providing guests transport to the location or will each guest need to arrange their own transport, are food and beverage services available at the venue or do you need to arrange catering? Will you be setting up a bar tab or bringing your own drinks? Does the venue offer any packages for corporate events?


You want to find suitable entertainment that is inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. You want to consider everyone's varied personalities, and choose entertainment that empowers all the team to let loose and have collective fun.


Ensure a suitable date for all guests. Does the venue/entertainment option have a few date options you can put forward to the team to decide what works best for the majority of your team? Does the chosen date conflict with any holidays or key calendar events both in and outside the workplace?


Picking the right time to issue invites is key. If you send the invitations too early people may forget and make other plans, especially in busy periods like the holidays. However, issuing invitations too late will not leave enough time for guests to keep the date free. 2-3 months prior to the event is the sweet spot. TIP- when you have a date finalised send out a save the date email so everyone is aware and can keep it free. Then you leave yourself time to follow with the official invitation when all arrangements have been made.

Your invite should include:

Date, Time & Location

RSVP details 

Any additional information your guests need to know.

The ultimate staff party cheat code - book Bongo’s Bingo instead!

Sound like a lot of work? That’s because it is. It’s not all glitz and glamour when party planning and it can become disruptive to your daily responsibilities. That’s why we’d suggest taking the second option - having someone sort it for you.

Bongo’s Bingo can manage expectations for different clients and personalities and provide that middle ground to meet everyone’s expectations. It really is a one size fits all night out, the inclusivity and diversity of people all having a fantastic time.

 Although we make it seem like chaos, there is an immense amount of behind the scenes work to make sure all our customers have an unforgettable time. Never underestimate the amount of graft put into contriving the chaos.


So, what is Bongo’s Bingo?

Here at Bongo’s Bingo, we deliver unforgettable moments for your guests. We understand the importance of throwing memorable events that have an exceptional impact on your organisation whilst championing a positive team ethos and inspiring your staff and colleagues. 

Bongo’s Bingo is an insane mix of live action, high energy bingo and the ultimate staff party. Expect dance-offs, rave intervals, audience participation and countless hands-in-the-air anthems. From ’80s and ‘90s classics to guilty pleasures, power ballads and all that’s in between- there’s a favourite song for everyone!

Winner of The 2018 Time Out Award in Dubai for “Most Original Night Out’ Bongo’s Bingo has become a trusted event partner for many organisations across the world. We are reinventing the way people party and the way companies connect with their teams, stakeholders and their public image.

We have two options depending on your budget and number of staff:

Group Bookings

We can accommodate large group bookings at all of our locations, there is no maximum group booking you can make as long as it is in alignment with capacity and ticket availability.

Private Events

If you want to keep it more intimate and have over 150 guests to invite, you can speak to our Bespoke Team who will assist with bringing all the Bongo’s Bingo joy to your own private event to celebrate your team.

What is a bespoke Bongo’s Bingo event and how do we personalise to your objectives?

Bespoke events bring the Bongo’s Bingo party to corporate events, brand activations, and company parties. Incorporating the electric atmosphere, class entertainment & energetic show team. Bringing a stress free platform of escapism for you and your guests. Organisations can connect on a whole new level. 

Our Bespoke team can work the show start time around your event timings, food service and speeches etc. If any element of your event doesn't run on time, we can be flexible by up to 30 minutes on the day. Our screen can be utilised for your logo, images and any video content before the show and during the break. We can also announce competitions, company news and even do some staff awards. Your bingo books can be personalised at an additional cost and life-sized cardboard cutouts can be made of specific staff members, such as your CEO. Our production team can tailor the event's lighting and decor to your organisation's specific style.

How much does it cost?

 Bespoke show prices do differ depending on the day of the week, time of year and type of show that you would like us to do. Prices can range anywhere between £8,000 - £12,000 +VAT for a private show. There are no hidden extra costs along the way and we include travel and accommodation in our UK shows.


Book your party now

So let us do what we do best just for you. It is as simple as heading over to if you are wanting to make a group booking or if you have over 20 guests please email and the team will assist with a bulk purchase link, tailored to how many tickets you require. 

If a private event is the one for you and your team click here: and our expert bespoke events team will be in touch. 









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