September - Charity of the Month

Liverpool Sunflowers

Oct. 12, 2023

September - Charity of the Month 


Liverpool Sunflowers

We are proud to introduce our Bongo’s Bingo Charity of the Month, the wonderful Liverpool Sunflowers.

Sunflowers work diligently to provide support to local people following the diagnosis of cancer or other life-changing illnesses. They offer a wide range of weekly services designed to improve and support health and well-being.



The services they provide at Sunflowers


                      ·  Counselling- including Hypnotherapy if trauma-related.

·  A range of targeted exercise classes which include:

·  Yoga to help pain/relaxation/flexibility.

·  Pilates together with Breast Cancer Pilates.

·  Breathworks to help with relief for Lung cancer and Long Covid patients.

·  Tai Chi to support movement and strength.

·  Boxercise for the reduction of lymphatic fluid reduction after mastectomy.

·  Relaxation Classes

·  Massage & Reiki

·  Support Groups - Cancer, Wellbeing, Head & Neck Cancer, ME, Prostate Cancer

·  Skills Workshops - Macrame & Languages


All their services are delivered either free or at a low cost to their registered clients.


Liverpool Sunflowers have always been a strong supporter of the local community. Whilst their focus is on people affected by cancer and long-term conditions, they are also open to members of the wider community seeking to improve their own wellbeing.


The Centre


They support the people of Merseyside and neighbouring boroughs coping with a diagnosis of cancer or long-term conditions, as well as offering support for their families. They are currently providing support for 1200 people monthly with counselling, rehabilitation exercise, massage, nutrition, and peer support. During a time of a mental health pandemic, reductions in cancer services, heightened social anxiety and the strain on local NHS services.


They deliver opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and rehabilitation in a safe, non-judgmental, non-competitive, non-clinical setting. The key driver of their work is to help reduce isolation, social anxiety, and loneliness. The main theme running through all their work is to help put people in touch with other people, valuing the power of community and connection.


Liverpool Sunflower’s backbone is their volunteers who they could not survive without. They operate a team of 29 volunteer counsellors all of who want to give something back to the community and help deliver 100 hours a week of counselling.


How can they help?

If you or a family member have had a diagnosis whether it be Cancer, Chron’s, Fibromyalgia, Long Covid, Anxiety or there is anything you’re struggling with; Sunflowers can help. 


Email - 


Call on - 0151 726 8934 


The charity will register you and place you in counselling, an exercise class, a support group, or a massage within two weeks.




Volunteering opportunities are always available, and Sunflowers accepts volunteers with all different levels of experience. The Charity needs people who can paint, offer counselling, offer exercise sessions, help clean up, help deliver collection tins & help spread the word. Anyone who wants to get involved can help drive the incredible work they do.


They provide placements for counsellors and apprentices to help get through the 60 referrals a month they receive from the NHS, Macmillan, DWP, CAB and self-referrals.

If you would like to get involved, volunteer, help keep their services open or make a referral please visit their website:


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