What to wear to Bongo's Bingo

Ever wondered what the hell to wear to Bongo's Bingo?

Aug. 24, 2023

Whether you’re there on a staff night out, birthday celebration with friends or you just want to play some bingo – we’ll help you look your best with our official guide for what to wear to a Bongo’s Bingo event.



You’ve got your hands on some tickets before they sold out, the group chat is going off with the pre-planning, then someone asks: “What is everyone wearing?” and you think “what the f*ck do you wear to Bongo’s Bingo?” Don’t worry. We got you.


Is there a Bongo’s Bingo Dress Code?


We get asked this a lot! 

Firstly, there is no Bongo’s Bingo dress code. Pretty much anything goes. We love to see it all – and believe me, our audiences do not disappoint. Whatever your vibe is, you will not be out of place. At Bongo’s Bingo we believe there is no such thing as overdressed or underdressed (keep it legal). Trust us, we will love you whatever you wear. But if you need more tips – keep reading.

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What footwear and clothing is best? 


Let’s start from the bottom, footwear. You are going to be up on your feet and dancing A LOT. Now if you are a high heels pro, feel free (at your own risk) however you may or may not end up in a dance off. We would recommend maximising your stamina by opting for comfy trainers or chunky boots


When it comes to clothing. Wear what feels best to move about in and whatever you feel your best self in, as Bongo’s Bingo is all about feeling great and having fun.

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What should I NOT wear?


The biggest risk when it comes to your outfit colour scheme is white. Unless of course you’re a pro with vanish or an expert at the whitewash. We cannot guarantee your fave white tee will leave the venue still white, basically wear white AT YOUR OWN RISK. We also wouldn’t recommend your most expensive garments; Bongo’s Bingo is a humble crowd so we would avoid anything designer that you would hate to be given an upcycle via coco pops.

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What casual wear is allowed? Can men wear shorts and trainers?


Sportswear is generally not allowed, however dress code policy is subject to each of our venues entry requirements. We would always recommend contacting the venue directly and they will be more than happy to advise on their specific dress code.


Can I bring a bag? Is there a cloakroom?


Small bags are usually fine to keep on you. As above this is subject to venue entry policy and cloakroom access also depends on the venue, so always best to double check if you are unsure. 


Can I wear fancy dress?


Fancy dress is a very popular choice at Bongo’s Bingo events especially for our stag and hen party attendees, themed events and Halloween specials. It’s always a pleasure seeing the creativity you guys come up with your costumes, our only ask is you respect others and don’t wear anything that would obstruct views, could be seen as offensive and if your costume includes a face covering, you must check this with the venue.


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Whatever you end up wearing, we know you will look fabulous, and we can’t wait to see you there.

Outfit sorted but no ticket? Secure your place now before we sell out. 




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