Bongo's Bingo charity of the month

Sheffield Flourish

May 2, 2023

Bongo’s Bingo Charity of the Month: Sheffield Flourish

Sheffield Flourish is a mental health charity rooted within their community. They support people to use their skills, ideas and talent to build the lives they want. 



On their website, they have over 300 local mental health stories. Each story is a reminder that we are not alone. If you have something to share, they would love to hear your story. 

They run the Sheffield Mental Health Guide, a directory where you can search for support services in Sheffield. Running alongside this is the ‘My Toolkit’ website, a space where you can plan how to look after your mental health. Their fourth website is Sheffield Suicide Support, a directory of local and national services for people who are suicidal.  



Their Groups: 

Within the city, they support six community enterprises who run regular sessions which are open to everyone: 

Brunsmeer Awareness FC (a football club) and Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA Flourish league 
CAST (a creative arts enterprise)
Connected Worlds (courses in storytelling and solidarity)
Flippin’ Mental Theatre (theatre, film and drama)
Oasis (a gardening and food growing enterprise)
Open Door Music (who run jam sessions, as well as music production) 



They also collaborate with the FA on the Flourish League, an inclusive football league across the region. Above all, we value people’s ideas, skills and lived experience.



The work that the guys at Sheffield Flourish do is absolutely incredible and we're truly, truly appreciative of all their efforts to help those that need it. If you'd like to know more information or to donate towards their efforts, please head over to their website here:

Also, be sure to give them a follow on their social media platforms below: 

Instagram: @sheffieldflourish
Tiktok: @sheffieldflourish


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