Bongo's Bingo Beginners Guide

Bongo's Bingo Beginners Guide

Oct. 26, 2021

If you’ve found your way here it’s probably because you’re coming to Bongo’s Bingo for the first time and want to know what to expect. 

Here are some of our top tips to take note of before you join us for the best night of your life!

  • Arrive early! Our tables are first come, first served so if you want to make sure you get one of the best tables in the house, arrive early. Some of our venues have different kinds of seating on different levels so we can’t always guarantee you’ll have a bench or table if you arrive close to the show’s start time. If you have accessibility requirements, please contact at least two weeks in advance of the show.

  • Be sound, buy a round - We always encourage you guys to go to the bar during the breaks as opposed to when we’re playing Bingo, just so you have more chances to win! Imagine if every person in the venue went to the bar at the same time during these intervals, it would be chaos! Be sound and get in a round with your mates. 

  • Take it easy! Bongo’s Bingo is a marathon and not a sprint. By that we mean that you’ll be with us for over three hours, it’s better to pace yourself playing bingo and you won’t miss your chance to win some of our top prizes!

  • Look after your mates! Every now and then we all have a little bit too much fun. If that’s one of your mates then get them a glass of water and look after them or speak to a member of the venue’s security team.

  • Don’t be a D**khead! - We all make mistakes and can sometimes hear the wrong number but try to focus as much as you can to make sure you don’t have hundreds of people calling you out.

  • Listen to your Bongo’s Bingo host! - It’s his and his dancers job to make sure you have a brilliant time and everyone is playing bingo. Be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you! 

  • Wear your dancing shoes - This isn’t just any night of bingo, we’ll be asking you to get up and rave right through the night. Wear suitable footwear so you don’t injure yourself! 

  • Don’t be easily offended - We at Bongo’s Bingo would never intentionally want to offend anyone but we do love a wee joke. Expect explicit language, references to sex and drugs and if you’re one of the lucky ones, to have the piss taken out of you. 

  • Arrive on time - Check last entry times to make sure you don’t arrive late!

  • Double check venue specific rules - Each venue has their own set of rules and regulations. Some do food, some don’t. Some of our venues won't let anyone in without a valid ID. Please check the FAQ page on the venue website before coming down.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered, head over to our FAQ page here to find more answers. 

Each of our shows are unique and interactive. We rely on you guys to make the night as great as it can be so come ready to rave, party and play some f**king bingo!

See you on the dance floor!

Team BB


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